The H2OCAD software, created by Alpha Consult, was born from an idea of ​​Piero Santelli, head of the technical office of Toro Agricoltura and Irritrol Systems, and is oriented towards the design of irrigation systems, both for professional agriculture and for green ornamental and residential, and is available in the Light version (irrigation of parks and gardens) and in the Prof version (professional irrigation of agriculture and gardening).

The H2OCAD software stands out for its quality, innovation, completeness and ease of design, characteristics that make it an innovative and extraordinary product.

H2OCAD contains all the calculation software necessary for the design of any irrigation system, starting from data on water availability, plot surface, flow rates and pressure drops, evapotranspiration according to the Penman-Monteith method mod. FAO, sizing of irrigation sectors, bill of quantities, and much more.

The software makes use of an impressive database of products used in irrigation (5,000 items), for each of which the technical and performance characteristics are available; of an equally extensive crop database (13,500 plants with 7 Kc), and finally on a further database containing the historical climatic data of 600 weather stations scattered around the globe. Therefore, not only design, but an integrated design system.

The innovation of H2OCAD is given by some of its peculiar characteristics, such as a high degree of automation of the design process, using a large data archive. The software is able to autonomously carry out various operations, such as sizing of the plots with hoses and/or drip lines, the choice and assignment of the desired model and the determination, based on the available flow rate, of the number of irrigation sectors needed, which, in common practice, take a long time. All this allows for a drastic reduction in design time, up to 80% less time. Similar operations are also possible in the ornamental and residential fields, with various possibilities for positioning the sprinklers and with an innovative operating methodology which allows for rapid balancing of the flow rates in the irrigation sectors with sprinklers with diversified working angles.

The H2OCAD software interfaces with Google Earth, to retrieve and scale the map of the plot to work on, and is able to import and export projects in dwg (CAD) format.

All these features allow H2OCAD to fully satisfy the UNI standards for the design of irrigation systems and despite the completeness and the considerable amount of information incorporated, it is extremely intuitive and easy to use.